10 Computer Classes for Kids Every Parent Should Know Exist

Nowadays, there are a lot of classes, courses, and summer camps parents can enrol their children in when they want them to learn skills they can use for the future. When parents want their children to learn music, they enrol them in a piano class or learn other musical instruments. When they want their kids to learn how to swim, they’ll enrol them in swimming lessons.

Beyond these, there’s a growing trend today among parents who want their youngsters, no matter what their age group is, to secure a better future, and that is teaching them computer skills.Aside from teaching problem-solving skills, one of the reasons parents enrol their little ones on computer classes is that they want them to get better careers in the future. 

According to recent data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment or career paths of computer and information research scientists are projected to grow 22 per cent from 2020 until 2030, much faster when compared with other occupations.

Not only will these lessons teach kids concrete technical skills they can use in the future, but they’ll also broaden their critical thinking skills and creativity. So why don’t you enrol your kids on a computer school today?

In this blog, we’ll get to know 10 of the best computer classes for kids.


Computer Classes for Kids

  1. Scratch Coding (Age Six And Up)
  2. Python Programming
  3. Minecraft Modding Class
  4. Java Programming (Requiring Strong Typing Skills)
  5. 3D Printing & Modelling (Age Six And Up)
  6. Artificial Intelligence Course
  7. Robotics with Edison (Age Seven And Up)
  8. Graphic Design (Age 12 And Up)
  9. Data Science
  10. 3D Game Design (Age 13 And Up)

Enrol Your Children in Software Academy

Computer Classes for Kids

In this world where we live, there are several opportunities for your youngsters, only waiting to be discovered. If you’re wondering how you can nurture the inner techie of your child, you might want to enrol them in a course or class that teaches these skills.

Not only will this harness their creativity, but parents should know these online learning platforms can also provide lessons that teach Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, and Arts. Plus, such programs are also opportunities for your child to interact with other kids who share the same interests as them, proving that learning can be fun.

What are the best computer classes today? Here is a rundown.

1. Scratch Coding (Age Six and Up)

Scratch allows users to create projects, such as games, animation, and stories. With drag-and-drop command blocks they stack together to create code. This learning method is designed to make programming fun.

Students begin learning how to code. Then, they explore how they can create games using Scratch. By the end of the class, students can originally design games they can share with their family and friends. Kids aged five to six years old can get started to create amazing projects. Kids aged nine to eleven years use this to create complex multi-level games.

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2. Python Programming

Another popular computer class is Python. This platform is known as the backend of your favourite apps like Instagram, Netflix, Spotify, and YouTube, among many others.

Basically, this is a text-based and object-oriented programming language you can use to create games, quizzes, and more. This is an ideal language to start with since it’s very easy to use in the real world.

Students begin by writing projects as they develop familiarity with the language, then learn how to create interactive games and even how to code.

3. Minecraft Modding Class

In this class, kids can create games with the fun of coding using Minecraft. In this computer science class, your kids get started with the basics of coding. They then solve puzzles by coding an agent in the game to move, follow instructions, and react to the surroundings. Coding concepts like conditional, loop, and sequence are also part of the learning.

4. Java Programming (Require Strong Typing Skills)

When your kids already have strong typing skills, they’ll be able to learn how to program games using Java, among the most widely used programming languages worldwide. In the real world, Android apps, Minecraft, and robots are some of the several ways Java is used.

Kids can explore Java basics by creating arcade-style video games or simply programming a stoplight. With the use of a program known as Processing, a visual platform that makes Java learning fun and visual, students can learn the basics of writing and debugging Java to create games.

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5. 3D Printing & Modelling (Age Six and Up)

Parents may also enrol their kids to become students who learn 3D printing and modelling. With the use of technology, they learn how to build tiny models like pencil holders, name tags, and so much more.

6. Artificial Intelligence Course

In this online computer science course, kids will be learning about artificial intelligence or AI. Your kids will also learn how it works and see how this is applied in the real world.

7. Robotics with Edison (Age Seven and Up)

Edison refers to an educational robot utilised to teach kids computer science, computational thinking, and computer programming in such a fun and interactive manner.

With this, students instruct their robots with code to communicate with other robots, follow paths, respond to light, and more.

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8. Graphic Design (Age 12 and Up)

Another great way for children to learn computer science is with a graphic design program. They can learn how to create logos, movie posters, web graphics, and more.

There are so many free tools to use so that they can get a head-on with these projects. Plus, these tools and programs are easy and fun to learn when developing coding skills.

9. Data Science

When kids learn data science, they get to know how data influence the world, from their favourite video games to the YouTube videos they watch.

Kids will also learn how to interact with data in a fun way, harness their skills, and see the world from a different perspective.

10. 3D Game Design (Age 13 and Up)

With the use of a program known as Unity, teenagers learn how to build a challenging platformer in 3D. This powerful open-source game design platform offered in the class lets them build a pre-designed game level as a group while they learn the basics. They also can create custom levels to add to their game. The student completes this course with a finished game playable on any computer.

Enrol Your Children in Software Academy

Whether you’ll enrol them in a Python coding summer camp or in Ofsted registered courses that teach how to create simple games, you’ll always find companies that offer classes of this kind that teach knowledge about computers. One of these is Software Academy.

Software Academy is where you can enrol your kids who are interested in technology since this school offers coding classes for kids, game design for kids, architectural visualisation for kids, and so much more. 

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Every child deserves to succeed in life. Let your child gear up for the future.