Accredited Qualifications

Our courses are accredited by NCFE, a nationwide recognized awarding body. On completion of one of our unregulated Customised Qualifications, learners will receive a certificate of achievement. The certificate is evidence of the knowledge and skills gained by completing the qualification, which has been accredited by NCFE under the Customised Qualification. The certificate of achievement will be issued directly by the NCFE.

This page provides more information on our accredited qualification.

​“Good education is essential for kids as it enables them to gain important skills. However, what is more crucial is to be able to prove their skills to potential colleges, universities and even employers.” – Ali Nemati (CEO).

About the NCFE

NCFE is the UK’s longest established awarding body, as well as one of the UK’s fastest growing, which means it’s highly respected for its professionalism and quality. NCFE is recognised as an awarding organisation by the qualification regulators for England, Wales and Northern Ireland, including Ofqual, the Welsh government, and the CCEA in Northern Ireland.

Accredited Qualification

An accredited qualification is issued by an Awarding Organisation (AO), such as the NCFE. It demonstrates the quality and rigour of a course. It is only awarded to training providers, such as Software Academy, who follow a very strict guideline set out by the AO. It shows a recognised AO has endorsed and approved a course.


An accredited qualification can be used to contribute to a person’s career progression by proving their knowledge and skills to other organisations, such as schools, colleges, universities and employers.

Award, Certificate & Diploma

Some courses have different wordings on their titles. What is the difference between an Award, Certificate and a Diploma?


An “award” is a course which has had a Total Learning Hours (TLH) of 120 or less. This is usually the qualification most students will get by completing the first year of their study with us. The hours obtain during this year, will be credited to the hours of the following year.


A “Certificate” indicates the Total Learning Hours of a course has been between 121 to 369 hours. The TLH of an award can also contribute to this. A certificate is usually given to our students who complete their 2nd year of studies with us.


Students on a course with more than 370 Total Learning Hours can be issued a “Diploma”. The TLH gained from a certificate can contribute to this. This is usually given to our students who have completed their 3rd year of studies with us.