Python Coding Holiday Camps for kids & teens

Code your own games with Python

Take advantage of your school holidays to learn how to code your own games & apps with Python, the same tool used by Google & Microsoft!
This course contributes towards achieving an NCFE accredited qualification!

When does it run?

This is a week-long holiday camp course, and only runs during school breaks, such as Half-Terms, Easter Breaks and Summer Holidays.
Your child will attend classes from 09:30 – 13:00, Monday to Friday.

You can view the exact dates of available camps on our booking page.

Where does it take place?

All our classes are online with a live tutor. Your child will be able to see the tutor and their screen. Just like a physical lesson, your child can ask for help and request their tutor to see & even control their screen.
In the 21st Century, it’s crucial for your child to learn “how to learn online”, because if your child master’s this skill, there will be no limit to what they can learn!

Who is it for?

This course is suitable for students 9 to 16 years old. No previous experience required!

What does it teach?

Students will learn how to code video games with Python, the same programming language used by tech giants such as Google & Microsoft!

How do they get certified?

A single camp provides 50% of the criteria required for achieving an NCFE Accredited Qualification. By joining 2 camps, you will meet the full requirement for achieving our Level 1 Award Qualification. Assessment is coursework based and completed during class hours, with no further exams required but there is a small additional assessment fee for this.

How do they get certified?

Assessment is coursework based and completed during class hours, with no further exams required!

By signing up for 2 camps, your child will meet the requirements for achieving a Level 1 Award NCFE accredited qualification.
There is a small additional assessment fee for this.

See the magic of our python coding course for kids & Teens!

In this 5 day long holiday camp, your child will learn programming by coding their own games in Python.

Python is used by the world’s biggest tech giants to code their games & apps. In fact tech giants that your child is highly familiar with, such as Google, Facebook & Microsoft, all use Python to code their platforms.

By the end of this holiday camp, your child will have a fully coded game in Python, which they can share with family and friends.
The code they write will also be an outstanding piece of portfolio that will impress at any potential school or college interview!

The course will also improve your child’s soft-skills, such as critical thinking, problem solving and will boost their self-confidence.


Want to be a coder?

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“Once we found out you had online classes we booked first thing. Since we moved out of England it was dishartening that Mika may not have been joining the classes but we are so glad to be doing the sessions online.”

– William, Parent

Everything you need to know about Python Coding Holiday Camps For kids

Your child will...

Your child will learn critical technical coding skills in this camp. Students are introduced to coding terminologies and practices, and they will use a variety of coding principles to make their game. They’ll learn about variables, functions, loops, events, arrays and much more.  They will then continue to implement graphics in their projects and creating user interface. By the end of the camp, your child will have learnt all the principles of coding!

This course will improve your child’s soft skills as a result of it’s technicality. During the camp, students will face different challenges, & tasks. This is aimed to improve their critical thinking & problem-solving skills. 

This course will help your child progress faster & better at school & college. Students will learn a lot more about computer science and it greatly compliment their subjects at schools & colleges.
At Software Academy, you will also have the option to get your child certified. Our NCFE accredited qualifications go up to 3 levels: Level 1 Award, Level 2 Certificate, and Level 3 Diploma. By joining 2 holiday camps, your child will meet the requirements to achieve Level 1 award, and can then progress onto level 2 & 3!

Understanding how coding works will equip your child with priceless experience and knowledge. Since they will be a language used by tech giants like Google and Microsoft, they’ll be able to discover potential career paths. Learning to code opens up a world of opportunities, because the skills they learn are highly transferable in other sectors. Whether they want to code their own games or launch a rocket into space, coding is always going to be back bone of any tech project!

By the end of the camp, your child will have a completed project to share with family & friends. But that’s not all! Having a completed coding project would bean outstanding portfolio piece of portfolio, and will always be considered as a great achievement by potential schools, colleges and even employers!
Additionally, by completing a camp, students will achieve 1/2 of the criteria required to get an NCFE accredited qualification, should you choose to get your child officially certified!

This camp runs during school holidays, so it’s been designed with fun & excitement in mind! But the bigger picture, is that your child will code their own games instead of playing them.
And that is exactly our aim, to transform students from users of technology, to innovators of technology! In this course, your child will unleash their imagination and creativity to make their own game!

Holiday camps daily timetable

Online Class

09:30 - 10:30


10:30 - 10:45

Online Class

10:45 - 11:45


11:45 - 12:00

Online Class

12:00 - 13:00

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