Meet the team


Ali is the Program Leader for the Creative Media Department at University College Kensington. During the day he leads & lectures for the undergraduate Computer Games Design course. He has more than 15 years of experience and has worked on many different projects with many different companies such as Siemens, London Underground and Royal Air Force (RAF). In the eyes of his 12 year old nephew, he’s the coolest uncle in the world, because he makes games! One day his nephew (who was 9 years old at the time) asked to learn games design. He was surprised to see how quickly his nephew learnt the same tools his adult students use. “You’re a lot more capable than I thought!” he said. He then taught the same techniques to his 8 years old niece who also learnt just as quick. This gave him the idea to set up Software Academy, so kids as young as 6 can start learning how to code and make 3D games.


Ana is also one Ali’s graduated students. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Games Design and has recently graduated with a Master’s degree. She enjoys working with kids and has been described as a “caring tutor” by our students. Ana teaches the Computing Basics course on Mondays, Graphic Design on Thursdays and does Private training on Weekends. Ana is also a true artist with a creative mind. Besides being an experienced user of contemporary designing technologies, she is also a fantastic artist with traditional methods of drawings and illustrations.


Matin was also Ali’s student, however unlike others, he wasn’t an official student of his. Ali has known Matin since he was 12 years old as he used to teach him games design privately! Matin started working at Software Academy as a teacher assistant at the age of 17, and now at the age of 18, he’s become one of our tutors and we’re proud to have him! At Software Academy, Matin is mainly famous for the fact that he has the same IQ score as Albert Einstein!


Kfir is studying his Master’s degree in Computer Science at the University of Lincoln and specialises in Virtual and Augmented reality applications. He graduated his undergraduate course of Games Computing in 2020. Kfir enjoys making games and applications in Unity in his spare time and enjoys sharing this passion and knowledge with others. His favourite modules at university were; Virtual and Augmented Reality, Games Design, Procedural Content Generation and Cross Platform Development.


Arif is studying Computer Science at King’s College London. Want to hear about his achievements? Sure! 1 gold medal and 2 silver medals in the Olympiad in Informatics (competitive programming, high emphasis on speed, algorithms and data structures). Want to hear more? Of course you do! He also taught for the Olympiads for 4 years, where his students got 4 medals (3 bronze and 1 silver). Oh, did we mention he got 10/10 in the European Baccalaureate (A level equivalent in Europe) in both Mathematics and Computer Science?


Mohamad is a second-year university student studying Data Science. He has been coding in python for 6 years and has always had a passion for Computer Science. He has a strong work ethic towards the subject, as in his own words “I think in In an increasingly digital world, it is simply a matter of time until programming becomes a necessity.


In her final year of studying a bachelor in Games Art and Design, Walaa has harboured a passion for games and wants to use the medium to create meaningful change in society. She has made many games, starting from a young age. Showing great leadership, expertise and dedication, she’s often successfully leading different ambitious projects. Walaa prides herself in being a Researcher, and has extensive knowledge in the arts, society, science, history, and more! Currently, she’s co-founding a Game studio with a unique and innovative vision.


Sima is passionate and curious about exploring the creative and tech industry. She completed an Art Foundation at UCA followed by a Physics Foundation at Royal Holloway University of London. Both her foundation years have given her knowledge in various Adobe software along with experience in programming, particularly in Python. Aside from her software skills, Sima enjoys expressing her creativity through photography, illustration, video and other forms of visual communication. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, learning languages, and training in martial arts!


Samir is a student at Imperial College London, studying Mathematics and Computer Science. During his spare time, he loves to create and reverse engineer games using Python. He also enjoys tackling difficult maths and coding problems, playing sports, and even self-learning Japanese.


Chloë is a third-year university student studying Physics with Astrophysics. She has been programming in Python for over 4 years and in the last few years has branched out into games design creating many different games in Unity. Outside of her academics, she loves to run, play music and play games.  Chloe is passionate about sharing her enthusiasm for coding and the confidence it gave her.

Fun Fact About Our Staff

Most of our tutors are Ali’s previous students! After graduation, they became the family members of Software Academy.

This means the staff are carefully selected and trusted individuals. We’ve known them for years, truly believe in their talents, skills, and believe are the right tutors to train our students!

Even though we have known our tutors for many years, we still run an enhanced DBS background check for all tutors!