Meet the team


Ali is the Program Leader 👨‍🏫 for the Creative Media Department at University College Kensington 🏫. During the day he leads & lectures for the undergraduate Computer Games Design 🎮 course. He has more than 15 years of experience and has worked on many different projects with many different companies such as Siemens, London Underground and Royal Air Force (RAF). In the eyes of his 12 year old nephew, he’s the coolest uncle in the world 😎, because he makes games! One day his nephew (who was 9 years old at the time) asked to learn games design. He was surprised 😮 to see how quickly his nephew learnt the same tools his adult students use. “You’re a lot more capable than I thought!” he said. He then taught the same techniques to his 8 years old niece who also learnt just as quick. This gave him the idea 💡 to set up Software Academy, so kids as young as 6 can start learning how to code 💻 and make 3D games.


Saeed has Master’s degree 🎓 in Digital Media Design from the University of Edinburgh (👀 number 16 in world’s university ranking!🌎).
During the day, he lectures 👨🏻‍🏫 on the games design course at West Herts College 🏫 and during the evening & weekends he teaches games design 🎮 here at Software Academy. Saeed enjoys sports 🏃🏻 & music 🎵. He’s described as a “awesome tutor” 👍 by our students who “makes learning fun”🤗!


Ana lectures for computer games design at higher education🏫. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Games Design and a 🎓 Master’s degree in Digital Media Design from the University of Edinburgh (👀 number 16 in world’s university ranking!🌎) . She enjoys working with kids and has been described as a “caring tutor” by our students. Ana is also a true artist 🎨 with a creative mind. Besides being an experienced user of contemporary designing technologies, she is also a fantastic artist with traditional methods of drawings and illustrations👩‍🎨.


Matin was also Ali’s student, however unlike others, he wasn’t an official student of his. Ali has known Matin since he was 12 years old as he used to teach him games design privately! Matin started working at Software Academy as a teacher assistant at the age of 17, and now at the age of 18, he’s become one of our tutors and we’re proud to have him! At Software Academy, Matin is mainly famous for the fact that he has the same IQ score as Albert Einstein!


Aya is a Master’s student at Imperial College London 👩🏻‍🎓. She’s specialising in Statistics and Data Science 👩🏻‍💻. She’s done tons of applied mathematics 🧮 before, and that’s how she was introduced to coding. She’s been using Python for a little more than four years and it is now her  preferred tool to compute all of her statistics, but she also loves learning other programming languages and discovering their particularities. In her free time, Aya loves reading (pretty much everything) 📚 and swimming 🏊🏻‍♀️. She’s super excited to share her knowledge of something that she loves and enjoys doing!


Jaymez has been studying game design 🎮 and programming 👨‍💻 for the last 2 years although his experience with game design tools such as Unreal Engine goes much longer than that! He has a lot of experience with Unreal Engine’s blueprint system, and  loves troubleshooting issues 🛠️. In addition to the qualifications 🎓 he has gained in Creative Media, he also has a strong background in JavaScript and NodeJS. Aside from programming, Jaymez also plays instruments 🎵 to pair with his games development projects, as he likes to create my own game music, weather it be by playing the piano 🎹 or a guitar 🎸. Jaymez is always excited to share his knowledge with students!


Zara has a Master’s degree in “ The art of video games” from Escape Studios(Pearson college)🏫. She is passionate about Unreal engine and enjoys creating environments and VR projects🎮. Zara has contributed to an AR product for The Chelsea flower show💐and created 3D prints for a science lab👩🏾‍🔬. Outside of work, Zara enjoys playing video games🕹, rollerskating, and playing with her cat named Panda🐱.


Will has been developing games since he was a teenager and has always had a passion for gaming 🎮 and coding . He studied Games Development at Norwich University of the Arts 🎓 where he focused on games development with Unreal Engine ⚙️. After he left university he went on to create two games, first one for phones 📱 and the second for consoles and computers 🖥️. He then went back into education at the University of East Anglia 🎓 where he earned his Masters degree in Advanced Computer Science 👨‍💻. Aside from making games in his spare time he also enjoys playing them 🕹️ and tinkering with all sorts of tech! 🔧


James is a graduate of Futureworks University 🎓 where he studied Games Design 🎮, focusing on Unreal Engine’s Blueprints and Network Replication. With a background of freelance work, ranging from level design, 3D modelling 🧊 and graphics design, as well as Apprenticeship in Games Programming 👨‍💻at PlaygroundSquad UK, James has been making projects across all aspects of game development. During his spare time, James is learning the guitar 🎸 while developing personal projects for future releases.


Ron graduated from the University of Central Lancashire 🎓 having gained his BA and MA in game design 🎮, focusing on digital art and game theory 🎨. Post university he has worked as a freelance illustrator/designer 👩‍🎨 and a remote academic tutor with teaching experience from Adobe Creative Suite to Roblox Studio. Outside of work Ron is a fan of table top games such as Dungeons and Dragons or Magic the Gathering – alongside drawing fantasy artwork in his spare time.


Alex is a computer science student 👩‍🎓 & she has always been fascinated by technology and gaming 🎮 so has quite an extensive knowledge of both. Alex is eager to dive into the world of computer science 🖥️ and share their passion for coding with others. In her spare time, she enjoys going to the gym 🏃‍♀️, skiing ⛷️and ice skating.


Nayan graduated with a first class degree in Automotive and Transport Design from Coventry University🚗. It was at Coventry University that he was introduced to Blender, which he used to create 3D renders and animations🎥 throughout his degree, as well as teaching his course mates some helpful tips and tricks in the software. Apart from Blender, Nayan is passionate about swimming🏊‍♂️, mountain biking🚵‍♂️ and playing games🕹️.


Douglas is a Masters Graduate 🎓 of Falmouth University where he studied Games design 🎮, with a focus on Unreal Engine and Blender. He has been running his own independent games company since then, with three released titles so far! In his spare time he enjoys painting and building model kits 🛠️ and of course, video gaming 🕹️!


Meet Jakub, a recent masters graduate 🎓 from Teesside University 🏫 in Computer Game Design! Jakub has studied Computer Game Design 🎮 for the past 4 years, with his interest in Unreal engine going beyond that, he knows Unreal’s blueprint system like the back of his hand. With a background in Creative Digital media 🎨, Jakub can visualise any design be it in 3D, or 2D. With his passion for art going past work and becoming a deep part of his hobby! He also enjoys games 🕹️ in his spare time, and loves the opportunity to combine his passion for design with the ability to share his knowledge .


Marley has graduated with a Bachelor’s in Digital Media 🎨 and Games Art 🎮 from the University of Huddersfield. She has a background with freelancing in graphics design, illustration and 3D modelling 🖼️. She loves self-learning and has learnt web development and is currently enjoying learning how to code ⌨️ for games whilst creating her own passion project game in her spare time. She loves playing games as well as making art for them and aside from her time spent on the computer she loves reading and hiking with her dog 🐶!


Alex is a final year student at the University of Exeter 🏫, studying Computer Science👨‍💻. With a comprehensive understanding of languages such as Python and C# 💻 using skills learnt over six years, he enjoys building applications to help with his everyday life. He also enjoys designing games 🎮 with the Unity Game Engine. Whilst not programming, Alex pursues a great interest in History and playing the Guitar🎸. He is always happy to share his knowledge, and demonstrate how useful computing and programming can be.


Alan is a Masters student at the University of Birmingham 🎓. He studies Cyber Security 🖥🔐, where he learns about cyber attacks and defence. He was introduced to programming in high school, where he started learning Python 👨‍💻, and has been learning more by participating in online challenges. During his degree 📚, his research project included making an iris recognition program 👁 using Python. When he’s not programming and learning more about cyber security methodologies 📂, he plays sports such as badminton 🏸, cricket 🏏 and football ⚽️.


Ahmad is doing a bachelor’s at Kingston University 🏫 . Studying in the field of Computer Science, specializing in Python as a programming language 💻 for over 5 years. Keen on actively trying to branch out and learn other creative and innovative programming languages 🧠. In his free time, Ahmad loves to play video games 🎮 and playing 🏐. With 3 plus years of experience in teaching Python 🧑‍🏫, Ahmad is looking forward to helping and spreading his passion for programming.


Nishka is currently studying Computer Science at the University of Wolverhampton. She enjoys programming in Python and Java and has experience making 3D games 🎮 in Unity. She is also a maths and science tutor 📚 and loves problem solving 🧠. In her spare time she does karate 🥋, creates projects using her Raspberry Pi and likes to draw and paint 🎨.


Aisha is an interior architect and design graduate🎓. She has specialised in sketchup and AutoCad for three years now which she enjoys as it enables her to bring her creative designs together 🎨. Having previously worked in a primary school 🏫, Aisha understands the exploration students have amongst design and wants to help her students explore their creativity . In her spare time she likes to balance her workload by participating in sports like badminton 🏸, martial arts and also travelling 🚆.


Bella is a graduate 🎓 from Nottingham Trent University with a BA(Hons) in Animation 📽 . She specialises in 2D Digital Design in Photoshop and Illustrator ✏, and 2D animation with a focus on character creation . She has been studying digital 2D design since she was young and loves using digital programs to help her create new magical creatures and worlds , often inspired by nature ! She has directed and animated several short films that have been featured in festivals across the UK. When she isn’t working on a new project, you can usually find her out in the wilderness trying to spot different animals , or playing video games!


Meet Maeve, your graphic design 🎨 enthusiast! Based in the vibrant city of Manchester, she’s a graduate 🎓 in Industrial Design and Technology from Loughborough University. Maeve’s passion for creativity 🖌️ knows no bounds. She’s a whiz with Illustrator and Photoshop 🪄, and when she’s not crafting digital masterpieces, you’ll find her happily wielding a paintbrush or whipping up delicious cakes 🍰 in the kitchen. Currently, on a Level 3 content creation apprenticeship, Maeve’s drive for learning is infectious, and she can’t wait to share her knowledge 🧠and help you unleash your graphic design talents.


Saul is an aspiring data scientist and a passionate educator 📊👨‍🏫. He is currently pursuing a Master’s degree 🎓 at Swansea University 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 while also juggling his love for sports 🏉🥊. Saul’s coding journey began at the age of 13, and since then, he has developed a knack for solving complex problems and thinking outside the box to communicate ideas effectively 🧩. His dedication to teaching is evident through his role as a teaching assistant at the university, where he excels at simplifying intricate topics for better comprehension 📚.


Yara is an Architectural Designer 🏛️ with 2 years in practice . She has a Bachelor’s in Architecture (DMU) 📐 and is currently pursuing her Master’s in Architecture at Birmingham City University 🎓. She’s skilled in using design software like AutoCAD, SketchUp, and Adobe, with a particular talent for 3D modeling. Yara is passionate about teaching kids 🧒 the wonders of 3D architectural design and acts as a mentor to university students, guiding them towards becoming future design stars 💫.


Luc recently completed his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science 💻 and Electronics ⚡from the University of Bristol. He has all sorts of experience working with kids: from teaching skiing ⛷️, to looking after children with learning disabilities. Python 🐍 is his bread and butter, but he’s been known to use C++, Haskell, and everything in between. When he’s not coding, you’ll find him playing guitar 🎸, Rowing 🚣, or reading📖!


Jack has a bachelor’s degree in physics ⚛️ from the university of Southampton. Programming for 6 years, specialising in python 🐍 and recently picking up JavaScript, he is passionate about using code for problem solving and data modelling. In his free time, Jack enjoys playing guitar 🎸 and playing games on his pc 🖥️


Meet Kyle, a recent graduate of Falmouth University 🏫 with a Bachelor’s degree in Game Design 🎮. Having been developing games now for over 5 years, with a particular focus on Unreal Engine, in particular the Blueprint System, Kyle is enthusiastic about exciting young minds 🧠 with the art of Game Design and helping them realise their goals. With an understanding of how overwhelming the task of making games can be, Kyle aims to break it down into manageable steps that students can feel confident they can do.


Joseph has a background in creative design and a degree from Norwich University of the Arts 🎓.
He has previously worked as an electrical tech ⚡, a drone pilot 🎮 and a sound engineer on TV shows 🎬.
In the past he has created lots of 3D printed equipment for TV and drones 🛸.
Joseph is knowledgeable about the linux operating system 🐧with lots of experience writing code in 🐍 Python, C++ and bash / shell.


Meet Max, a Masters’ student at the University of Nottingham 🏫. He is specialising in Computer Science 💻, currently working on a final-year project within the field of assistive robotics 🤖. He is particularly interested in Python 🐍, Java, and C++. In his spare time he loves watching TV shows 📺, going to the gym 💪🏾, playing video games 🎮, and listening to music 🎵.


Leah is a third year student of Abertay University 🏫, studying Computer Game Applications Development 👾, though her passion for games programming runs as far back as the first year of high school where she learned python! She enjoys working with Unreal Engine and its blueprint system. C++ is her main programming language 💻, but she loves to explore new languages and learn about new tools that come out! In her spare time, Leah enjoys drawing fantasy and character artwork 🎨, and is a huge fan of tabletop games such as dungeons and dragons 🐉. When she is able to, she also loves participating in game jams.

Fun Fact About Our Staff

Most of our tutors are Ali’s previous students! After graduation, they became the family members of Software Academy.

This means the staff are carefully selected and trusted individuals. We’ve known them for years, truly believe in their talents, skills, and believe are the right tutors to train our students!

Even though we have known our tutors for many years, we still run an enhanced DBS background check for all tutors!