Term Time Registration ​2020 / 2021

3D Game Design

Term Time Registration ​2020 / 2021

3D Game Design

Choose to study our term time courses online or in person. Our in person classes will be streamed live on Zoom so you’ll be able to join the class from home!
This year, you’ll only pay 1 registration fee regardless of how many term time courses you enroll on.
We will cover your cost for additional course registrations.



Payment Option

£825 (You'll save £25)

Monthly Option
​(10 monthly payments)


Choose your payment option

​​I’d like to pay for the whole academic year
in advance and save.
You can save up to £250 by paying for the whole
academic year.

​​I would like to pay the registration fee now and pay the tuition fee monthly.

Pay the registration fee and the first monthly payment now
and pay the balance in monthly installments.