Unity Game Design Holiday Camps for kids

Learn Unity & design your own games!

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In this 5 day long holiday camp, your child will learn coding & 3D game design with Unity.

Unity is used by the world’s biggest game design studios. In fact your child’s favorite games such as Pokemon Go & Temple Run were made with Unity!

By the end of this holiday camp, your child will have a fully completed game, which they can share with family and friends.
The game they’ll code & design they write will also be an outstanding piece of portfolio that will impress at any potential school or college interview!

The course will also improve your child’s soft-skills, such as critical thinking, problem solving and will boost their self-confidence.

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“My son has been attending Software Academy for three years. Not only are the staff lovely, and the content is stimulating and challenging, but the boost to his confidence to have a team who understand how exciting his talent is, is the icing on the cake. These sort of skills are not recognised in mainstream schools, so to have the encouragement of these professionals will undoubtedly make a real difference to his future.”

– Sharon, Parent

Everything you need to know about Unity Game Design Holiday Camps

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Your child will learn critical technical coding & design skills in this camp. Students are introduced to coding & 3D design ing terminologies and practices. They will first learn the entire Unity interface & fundamentals, and then move on to making their own game. Students will learn game logic, artificial intelligence, as well as game cosmetics, such as materials and lighting.

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This course will improve your child’s soft skills as a result of it’s technicality. Children will improve their creative & critical thinking skills, while learning problem-solving skills to tackle challenges.

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By the end of the camp, your child will have a completed project to share with family & friends. But that’s not all! Having a completed coding project would be an outstanding piece of portfolio, and will always be considered as a great achievement by potential schools, colleges and even employers!
Additionally, by completing a camp, students will achieve 1/3 of the criteria required to get an NCFE accredited qualification, should you choose to get your child officially certified!

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This course will help your child progress faster & better at school & college. Students will learn a lot more about computer science and computer aided design.
At Software Academy, you will also have the option to get your child certified. Our NCFE accredited qualifications go up to 3 levels: Level 1 Award, Level 2 Certificate, and Level 3 Diploma. The progress your child makes in this camp will make him stand out from the crowd!

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This camp runs during school holidays, so it’s been designed with fun & excitement in mind! But the bigger picture, is that your child will code & design their own games instead of playing them.
And that is exactly our aim, to transform students from users of technology, to innovators of technology! In this course, your child will unleash their imagination and creativity to make their own game!

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Learning games design will provide your child with transferable skills which they can use in almost any other career path. They will discover new hidden opportunities and career paths to consider.

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Want to see the magic of Unity?

If you’ve ever played Pokemon Go or Temple Run, you have seen what Unity is capable of. Watch the video to see just some of the projects made in Unity.

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