Why Join Us?

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Who We Are

Perhaps prior to knowing the benefits of joining us, it would be beneficial to know who we are!

Software Academy was established by Ali Nemati, who is the program leader for the Creative Media Department at The London College University College Kensington (LCUCK).
All of our courses, materials and their contents are directed by Ali as he overlooks the entire operation at Software Academy.
Ali loves teaching, so a lot of our classes are taught directly by him. All other tutors are his graduated or current students, some of whom are working in the industry while others are continuing their educations into Masters and PhD.

You can visit our “Meet our team” page to find out more about us.

Our Approach To Teaching

We only teach industry standard tools.
All the software, tools, computers and programs we used are identical to what is being taught & used at universities, studios and companies around the world!

We have developed a teaching & learning plan which simplifies such tools & techniques for younger children.

Transferable Skills

Our courses are based on providing digital art, games design & scripting skills to younger students.
However it is important to know such skills are highly transferable to other industries and sectors such as:

• Films
• Advertisements
• Architecture
• Visualizations
• Engineering
• Medical Innovations
• And much more!

Soft Skills

In addition to learning technical skills and techniques, the course also encourages students to communicate and share ideas.
Throughout the course, students will also develop their soft skills such as:

• Problem solving
• Independent thinking
• Project planing
• Team work

Shortage of Workforce

Statistics show a shortage of work force in the Creative Industry.
By studying Games Design, children are introduced to a number of highly transferable skills such as 3D Modelling, Animation, digital art and Scripting!

In fact the government has included such roles within the “Shortage Occupation” list in order to encourage foreign talents to work in the UK.

You never know what the future holds, but we expect to see a bigger shortage of workforce after Brexit!

Successful Future!

By joining our course students will learn true workplace tools & techniques.
With such skills, students will have a massive advantage over their colleagues at college, university and work place!

Plus, it’s so much FUN!

Why Study Games Design?

The Games Design Industry is a rapidly growing economic powerhouse in the UK. Government figures show that the creative industry contributes £10 million an hour to the UK’s economy. That’s 87.1 billion per year! The Games Industry is also a key player.

In fact, the UK has the biggest Games Design Industry in Europe and according to Develop100, 23 of the world’s top 100 games design companies are based in the UK!

video games design statistics from 1985 to 2011

Employment In The Games Industry

Government Statistics shows that the number of jobs in the games design industry is growing every year. 
The table below is extracted from the government’s website. You can view the full document here.

employment in computer games industry from 2012 to 2014

1 In 11 UK Jobs Are In The Creative Industry

UK creative economy in 2014

Transferable Skills

The skills you’ll learn in our Games Design course will open the door to many other industries such as 3D visualization, Architectural Design,
films, animation, advertising and so much more! Why? They all use the same software!
Our course is primarily based around the training of 2 software:

1. 3Ds Max
2. Unreal Engine 4

These 2 applications are very power and regularly used in many different industries, and companies pay a very respectable salary for those who know how to use them well.

Don't take our word. Try It Yourself! - In 2 easy steps.

New jobs are posted everyday. We highly encourage you to carry out your own research on different websites and simply see what jobs are available for individuals who know how to use the software packages we teach in our course!

1. Go To Any Job Search Website
2. Search For Any Of The Above Software.
In this image, we visited Indeed.co.uk, one of the leading job searching platforms in the country. We searched “3Ds Max” in “London”. These are the first 3 results.

employment prospects for programmers

What Other Industries And Companies Look For Such Skills?

Architectural Companies

Many architectural companies provide their clients with photo-realistic renders of their designs. This is to ensure their clients are 100% happy with the design of their new buildings prior to construction.


Without any doubt, you have already seen many adverts of a medical or health product being demonstrated using 3D graphics and animations.

medical innovations 3D model

Advertising and Marketing

Many companies use 3D Graphics to Advertise their products in ways that could have never been imaged before.

Diet Pepsi advertisement

Engineering & Product Visualization

Companies create 3D models of their products to demonstrate their functionalities.

3D engineering and product visualisation

Film Production

Many film production companies use the power of 3D animation to create breathtaking scenes. Films such as Harry Potter, Lord Of The Ring, The Hobbit and Transformers are only a few to name.

Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts film production